Edremit Car Rental – Cheap Car Rental in Edremit Turkey

Are you planning a trip to Edremit, Turkey? If you are, then you’ll need to rent a car. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this post, we will explore the different options for car rental in Edremit, Turkey and help you find the best deal for your needs.


Edremit, a small city in Balıkesir Province, Turkey, is a popular destination for visitors looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you plan to visit Edremit, renting a car is one of the best ways to explore the area. A rental car will provide more freedom and convenience to explore the city and its surrounding attractions. With so many car rental companies available in Edremit, finding the right car rental deal can be a challenge. To help you make an informed decision, this blog provides information on where to look for car rental deals in Edremit, the cheapest month to rent a car, rental options from various companies, benefits of booking direct and prepay online with Budget Car Rental, great deals with Sixt rent a car Turkey, tips for finding the best rates for car rentals and advantages of hiring a small car in Edremit.

Where to Look for Car Rental Deals in Edremit

When looking for car rental deals in Edremit, there are a range of providers offering great deals. Avec Car Rental is one of the cheapest rental car providers in Edremit, and VIPCars.com provides great comparisons to find the most competitive prices. Central, GRS, Nokta Rent A Car, Sixt and Keddy by Europcar are all great options for car rentals in Edremit, offering a range of vehicles to choose from. Booking directly and pre-paying online with Budget Car Rental is another great way to get discounts on car rentals. For those looking for luxury vehicles or supercars, Sixt Rent a Car Turkey offers some of the best rates in Edremit. For those looking for the best rates, it’s worth shopping around to compare deals and find the best prices available. Car rental deals can also be found in Edremit Airport, with many companies offering special rates on airport collections. Smaller cars are usually cheaper to rent than larger ones, so if you’re travelling light it might be worth opting for a smaller vehicle.

Cheapest Month to Rent a Car in Edremit

March is the cheapest month to rent a car in Edremit, Turkey according to our data. With options from Central, Avec Car Rental, GRS, Nokta Rent A Car, Sixt and Keddy by Europcar, travelers should look no further for great car rental deals in Edremit. The Opel Corsa from Avec Car Rental is currently the cheapest car to rent at Edremit/Korfez Airport. It costs, on average, $35/day to rent the Opel Corsa. Furthermore, Sixt Rent a Car Turkey offer long-term opportunities ranging from 12 to 47 months – perfect for those looking for extended car rental commitments. Small cars are also a great option when renting a car in Edremit as they are budget-friendly and can navigate through the winding streets of the city.

Car Rental Options from Central, Avec Car Rental, GRS, Nokta Rent A Car, Sixt and Keddy by Europcar

When it comes to car rental in Edremit, Turkey, you have a wide range of options. From Central, Avec Car Rental, GRS, Nokta Rent A Car, Sixt and Keddy by Europcar, there are many companies that offer comprehensive packages and great deals. With so many choices available, you can easily find an option that fits your budget and needs. With each company offering its own set of benefits and advantages – such as unlimited mileage and theft waiver – you can ensure that you are getting the best deal for your money. Furthermore, when booking online you can also take advantage of great deals such as discounts for prepaid reservations and loyalty programs with certain companies.

Benefits of Booking Direct and Prepay Online with Budget Car Rental

Booking direct and prepaying online with Budget Car Rental is a great way to save on car rental expenses in Edremit. By reserving and paying ahead of time, customers can access exclusive deals, such as up to 10% off base rates. This is applicable to times and mileage charges of their car rental. Pay Now rates offer the lowest Budget car rental rates online with up to 35% off base rates. Customers can also enjoy great flexibility with a choice of vehicle types, as well as various pick-up and drop-off locations. With these advantages, booking direct and prepaying online with Budget Car Rental is a smart way for customers to save money on their car rental needs in Edremit.

Great Deals with Sixt Rent a Car Turkey

SIXT rent a car Turkey has some of the best deals on car rental in Edremit. You can easily find great offers online for compacts, luxury cars, convertibles, and SUVs from SIXT at Edremit – Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport. You can also compare prices for SIXT car rentals with other top brands like Avec Car Rental, Central, GRS, Nokta Rent A Car, Sixt and keddy by Europcar to get the best rates. Additionally, you can save up to 30% when you book and prepay online with Budget Car Rental. With SIXT’s wide range of vehicles and convenient booking options, you can easily find great deals on car rentals in Edremit.

Tips for Finding the Best Rates for Car Rentals

Finding the best rates for car rentals in Edremit is an important part of planning your trip. To get the best deal, it is recommended to book as early as possible and to compare rates across different rental companies. Shopping around for car rentals can also help you find cheaper prices. Researching the different rental companies and their offers can help you find the best deal. Additionally, look out for discounts and special offers that may be available, such as discounts for booking online or prepaying. Many rental companies also offer loyalty programs that can help you save money in the long run. By following these tips, you can save money and have a stress-free car rental experience in Edremit.

Car Rental Deals in Edremit Airport

Renting a car at Balikesir Edremit Koca Seyit Airport is easy and convenient with Europcar. Europcar offers great value car rental deals for those looking for a reliable, affordable car hire in Edremit. With a wide selection of cars to choose from, including small cars, luxury cars and family-friendly vehicles, Europcar offers competitive prices and friendly service. Prepay online to save up to 45% and enjoy the added convenience of skipping the counter. Whether you’re looking for an economy car or a luxury vehicle, Europcar has the perfect car rental solution for you in Edremit, Turkey.

Advantages of Hiring a Small Car in Edremit

Hiring a small car in Edremit can offer a number of advantages. Renting a car that is smaller in size and has a lower engine capacity can be significantly less expensive than renting a larger car, making it an ideal option for those looking to save money. Small cars are also much more fuel-efficient, so you can expect to save on gas costs. Additionally, these cars tend to be easier to maneuver, making them ideal for navigating Edremit’s streets. Finally, small cars usually come with a more comprehensive insurance package, giving you peace of mind as you explore this beautiful city.


Renting a car in Edremit is an excellent way to explore the beautiful Balıkesir region of Turkey. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious vehicle or just need a small car to get around, there’s a car rental option to suit everyone’s needs. For those looking for the best rates, it’s worth considering booking direct and prepaying online with Budget Car Rental or searching for deals with Sixt Rent a Car Turkey. Whatever your choice, you can be sure of getting the best deal and having an enjoyable experience.

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