Lednice Car Rental – Cheap Car Rental in Lednice Czech Republic

Are you planning a trip to Lednice, Czech Republic? Looking for a reliable and affordable car rental service? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about car rental in Lednice. From prices to tips on renting a car, we’ve got it all!


If you’re looking for a unique, adventure-filled vacation, look no further than a car rental in Lednice Czech Republic. With two 60ish teachers in tow and a short stopover, you can explore the beautiful grounds, incredible woodwork and boat ride to the Minaret. When you rent a car in the Czech Republic, you must be at least 21 years old and have held your license for some time. Don’t worry, renting a car is very affordable and the roads are in good condition and easy to navigate. You can get the best deals when you arrange your rental from the US, or even hire a driver if you have more money than time. Plus, it’s an opportunity to see the historic locality which dates back to 1222!

Momondo Car Rentals

Momondo Car Rentals is one of the most popular car rental companies in the Czech Republic, with prices from as low as $10 per day. You can compare hundreds of rental sites to find the best deal on car hire in Prague or anywhere else in the Czech Republic. From luxury vehicles to family cars and economy rentals, Momondo has you covered. What’s more, all their rental cars come with free amendments and fuel policies so you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses. With Momondo, you can be sure you’re getting the best price for your car rental.

Cheapest Options

With Momondo Car Rentals, you can find the best price, rental car location and fuel policy for car rental in Lednice. We will compare all the best deals available for your car rental in Lednice and provide you with a list of the cheapest options, with no extra costs or hidden fees. You can also look into alternative options such as Sixt Car Rental locations, apartments in Lednice, or Planet of Hotel Vacation Accommodations. Whatever your needs may be, you can rest assured that you will find the cheapest options with Momondo Car Rentals.

Price, Rental Car Location and Fuel Policy

You can find car rentals in the Czech Republic with momondo, searching hundreds of sites to get prices from as low as $10 per day. To rent a car in the Czech Republic, you must be at least 21 years old and have held your license for 1 year. With Expedia, you can get FREE cancellation on your selected Lednice car rental, and you can pay at pick up. Hertz also offers car rental in the Czech Republic, with a best price guarantee. For alternative options, Sixt Car Rental locations offer cars to rent in Lednice and Planet of Hotels Vacation Accommodations has rental apartments available. With these options, you can find the best price, rental car location and fuel policy for your next stay in Lednice.

History of Lednice

Lednice is a beautiful and historically rich town located in the south of the Czech Republic. It has a long and storied history, having been originally founded as a fortress in the 17th century. With the invention of money and the opportunity for its owners to display their wealth, it soon became a castle. Today, Lednice is a popular tourist destination, boasting stunning palaces, parks, and other attractions that have earned it the UNESCO World Heritage Site status. If you’re planning on visiting Lednice, you can rent a car in Vienna, Prague, Bratislava or Brno to get there quickly, or if you’re looking for alternative transportation options, you can take a trip to the Austerlitz Battlefield near Brno in the Czech Republic.

Sixt Car Rental Locations

When it comes to car rental in Lednice, SIXT is a great option. Not only do they offer a large selection of cars to suit your needs, but they also have convenient branches located in the city. You can book with them and save money on various offers thanks to Rental24H.com, which allows you to collect your rental vehicle in one city and return it at another SIXT location. With more than 1439 rental points and 900 companies at over 53 000 locations, you will be sure to find the best deal for your needs.

Apartments in Lednice

If you are looking for a place to stay during your trip to Lednice, Czech Republic, you will find plenty of options. Pick your ideal vacation accommodation opportunities with Planet of Hotel or rent an Apartment in Lednice such as Apartment Lednice. This apartment offers free airport transfer and pet-friendly services. Furthermore, there is free Wi-Fi in all rooms, car park and various discounts when you sign in. You will have everything you need for your family here with spacious and clean rooms. Additionally, the apartment is located close to the park and restaurants, which makes it ideal for exploring the city.

Planet of Hotel Vacation Accommodations

If you’re looking for a hotel to stay in while visiting Lednice, the Planet of Hotel Vacation Accommodations is the perfect place. With more than 8 rental points in the city, you can easily compare prices and amenities from all of the major car companies. The cheapest option is Hotel Galant Lednice, which has rates starting at just $53 per night. Plus, members save 10% more on select hotels, cars, activities and vacation rentals. You’ll also have access to the UNESCO World Heritage Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape with a monthly stay. With all of these options available, you can make sure that your stay in Lednice is both comfortable and affordable.

Alternative Options

If you’re looking for alternative options, you may want to consider taking public transportation. There are several bus lines that run from Prague to Lednice, as well as a train line. This can be a cheaper option if you don’t mind the extra time it takes to get there. It is also important to note that some of the bus lines do not accept credit cards, so make sure to have cash on hand. You can also look into renting a bike or scooter in Prague and then ride it all the way to Lednice. Although this will take much longer than a car, it is a great way to explore the countryside and take in the local sights.


In conclusion, car rental in the Czech Republic is easy and affordable. Momondo car rentals offer a wide range of options, from the cheapest to the most luxurious, with prices ranging from as low as $10 per day. Sixt Car Rental also has locations in Lednice, as well as apartments and hotel accommodations available. If you are looking for an alternative option, Planet of Hotels offers a variety of vacation accommodations. Whether you are looking for a quick trip or a more leisurely vacation, car rental in the Czech Republic is sure to make your experience a memorable one.

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