Nea Moudania Car Rental – Cheap Car Rental at Nea Moudania Greece

Are you planning a trip to Nea Moudania and need a car rental? Look no further! We’ve got the best options for car rentals in Nea Moudania, so you can explore the city with ease. From luxury cars to budget-friendly alternatives, we’ve got something for everyone here.


Nea Moudania is a great destination for car rentals, as it offers many different options for travelers to explore the area. From Autounion Car Rental to BlueRent A Car Thessaloniki and on to SKG RENTACAR, Wheels 2 Go, Thessaloniki Downtown and Termi 24, there is sure to be something that fits your needs. Whether you are looking for short-term car hire or long-term rentals, minivan rental or wedding rentals, Nea Moudania has it all. With its proximity to Thessaloniki SKG airport, it’s easy to get from the airport to your chosen destination. So if you’re looking for car rentals in Nea Moudania, you have come to the right place!

Autounion Car Rental

Autounion Car Rental is a great choice for car rentals in Nea Moudania. They have over 400 locations throughout Greece and Cyprus, offering high quality car rental services at affordable prices. Autounion Car Rental has locations in Thessaloniki Downtown, Chalkidiki Chaniotis, and Termi 24, making it easy to travel to the area from any of these locations. They also offer long-term rentals, minivan rentals, and wedding rentals for those looking for a special way to explore the area. With Autounion Car Rental, you can be sure to get the best value on your next car rental in Nea Moudania.

BlueRent A Car Thessaloniki

BlueRent A Car Thessaloniki provides a great range of car rental options for those looking for a car hire in Nea Moudania. With convenient pick-up and drop-off locations in Kallithea, Kassandra and Nikiti, Sithonia, BlueRent A Car Thessaloniki has you covered for any car rental needs in the area. They also offer pickup-delivery stations in Moudania, Kallikrateia, Neos Marmaras and Ouranoupoli, making them a great choice for those travelling to Chalkidiki from Thessaloniki. At BlueRent A Car Thessaloniki you can rent anything from economy cars to minivans and even wedding cars, so no matter your rental needs they have you covered.


SKG RENTACAR is one of the top car rental companies in Nea Moudania and the surrounding area. Offering quality cars at competitive prices, they ensure that customers have access to reliable and safe vehicles for their travels. With free delivery to Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) and a variety of long-term, minivan, and wedding rental options, SKG RENTACAR is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get around Nea Moudania. Whether you’re just passing through or planning an extended stay, SKG RENTACAR is there to provide you with the best car rental experience possible.

Wheels 2 Go

Wheels 2 Go is a car rental company based in Nea Moudania, offering a wide selection of vehicles for hire. The company provides customers with reliable and affordable car rental services, including long-term rentals, minivan rentals and wedding rentals. Customers can choose from a variety of cars to suit their needs, such as economy cars, luxury cars, minivans and SUVs. Wheels 2 Go also offers car rental services from Thessaloniki Downtown, Termi 24 and Chalkidiki from Thessaloniki SKG. Customers can pick up their rental from one of the many convenient locations in Nea Moudania or take advantage of the free cancellation on selected rent a car deals. Whether you’re looking for an economy car to get around town or a luxurious vehicle for your wedding special day, Wheels 2 Go has the perfect vehicle for you.

Thessaloniki Downtown

Thessaloniki Downtown is an ideal choice for those looking for car rentals in Thessaloniki. Located at 18th Km National Road, it is just 68 miles away from Nea Moudania. Thessaloniki Downtown offers a range of car rental services, including Autounion Car Rental, Avis, BlueRent A Car Thessaloniki, SKG RENTACAR and Wheels 2 Go. You can find the cheapest prices from just $3/day and enjoy a variety of other services such as minivan rentals, wedding rentals and long-term rentals. The location is open for business from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday and offers a GDS code of SKGC03. For more information and bookings, you can contact them at (30) 2310 475888.

Termi 24

Termi 24 is located in Thessaloniki, 68 miles away from Nea Moudania. It is located on 18th Km National Road and is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Termi 24 offers a wide range of car rental services, including options for long term rentals, minivan rental and wedding rentals. Customers can also travel to Chalkidiki from Thessaloniki SKG using Termi 24’s services. With competitive prices and great customer service, Termi 24 is the best option for car rental in Thessaloniki and its surrounding areas.

Travel to Chalkidiki from Thessaloniki SKG

Traveling from Thessaloniki SKG to Chalkidiki is easy with rental cars from SKG Rent a Car. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, you can find the perfect car that suits your needs. With free delivery to Thessaloniki Downtown – Termi 24 and several long term rentals available, you can have the convenience of having your car delivered to your hotel or other destination of your choice. For those looking for something special, you can also book minivans and wedding rentals with SKG Rent a Car. Enjoy your trip to Chalkidiki with the comfort of knowing that you have the best rental car services in Nea Moudania.

Long Term Rentals

Long-term car rentals in Nea Moudania are a great option for those who want to save money and avoid the hassle of buying a car. Whether you’re looking to rent a car for a few months or an entire year, there are plenty of options available. Autounion Car Rental, BlueRent A Car Thessaloniki, SKG RENTACAR, and Wheels 2 Go all offer long-term car rentals at competitive rates. Thessaloniki Downtown – Termi 24 is also a great option for those looking for long-term car rentals as it is only 68 miles away from Nea Moudania. With all of these great options, it’s easy to find a long-term rental that meets your needs and budget.

Minivan Rental

Renting a minivan in Nea Moudania can be an ideal way to transport larger families or groups, allowing you to travel in comfort. The range of vehicles available from Autounion Car Rental, Avis, BlueRent A Car Thessaloniki, SKG RENTACAR and Wheels 2 Go means that there is something suitable for everyone, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Offering a range of features such as air conditioning, sat nav and DVD players, you can ensure that everyone travels in comfort. Many companies offer long term rental deals, making it even more cost effective to hire a minivan in Nea Moudania.

Wedding Rentals

When planning a wedding, having a reliable and comfortable car is a must. In Nea Moudania, GRC, e-GO Car Rentals provides best in class car rental services to make your wedding day even more special. From minivans to luxury cars, they have a wide range of cars available for rent at competitive prices. They understand that it is your special day and strive to provide the best service possible to make your wedding day unforgettable. They offer flexible rental terms and packages so that you can choose the one that best meets your requirements. So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free car rental experience for your special day, look no further than e-GO Car Rentals in Nea Moudania, GRC.


In conclusion, Nea Moudania Car Rental offers travelers an easy and affordable way to explore Chalkidiki, Makedonia, Greece. With a wide selection of car rental services from Autounion Car Rental, Avis, BlueRent A Car Thessaloniki, SKG RENTACAR, Wheels 2 Go and many more, people can easily find the perfect car for their needs. In addition to car rental services, travelers can also find long-term rentals, minivan rentals and wedding rentals. All in all, Nea Moudania Car Rental is the perfect place to rent a car and explore the beautiful region of Chalkidiki.

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